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Divine Quiz - June 1st set

Divine Quiz

Divine Quiz - June 1st set, 2012 Questions

1. Sugreevan is said to be the Hamsam of whom?
2. Since Sita Piratti was born in Vidheha Desam, she was also called with the name as _________?
3. What is the second son's name of Ravanan?
4. What is the Tiruthagappanar (Father) name of Sri Embar?
5. What is the name of the Divine River that runs in Vaikundam?
6. What is the Tiruthagappanar (Father) and Tiruthaayar name of Sri Vedantha Desikar?
7. Who wrote "Abheetha Sthavam"?
8. Who wrote the Paasuram "Unnum Soru, Parugu Neer, Thinnum Vetrilai..."?
9. What is the thirunaamam of thaayar of Uthamar Kovil Divyadesam?
10. Who is the 3rd star among the Saptha Rishi Mandalam?

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