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Divine Quiz Answers - March 3rd Set, 2012
1. What is the name of the Asuran who came to kill Sri Krishnar in the form of Chakkaram (Wheel) of Bullock Cart?
2. What is the name of the snake that killed lots of people of Gokulam and later killed by Sri Krishnar?
3. In Aayarpadi, as a regular practise, all the Aayars dedicate their thanks to this Devars as they think he protects them?
4. What is the name of the Mountain which was took as an Umbrella and protected all the Aayars from big rain?
     Govardhana Mountain
5. Towards which animal did Bharathar had a great affection and was born as the same animal in his next birth?
6. Sri Krishnar went towards Duriyodhanan as a "Thoodhuvan" and in which Divyadesam He was called so?
     Tiruppaadagam Divyadesam
7. From which theertham, did Sri Krishnar reached Sri Vaikuntam?
     Prabhasa Theertham
8. What is the Thayar tirunaamam of Thirukkandiyur Divyadesam?
     Sri Kamalavalli Thaayar
9. What is the name of the Vimaanam of Thiruvananthapuram Divyadesam?
     Hemakooda Vimaanam
10. What is the name of the Pushkarani (theertham) of Thiru Naavaay Divyadesam?
     Sengamala Saras

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