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Divine Quiz Answers - October 24, 2010

1. Who wrote Sri Vishnu Puranam?
2. Generally, Sri Devi will be found on the right side and Bhoo Devi on the left side of the Moolavar. But, in which Divyadesam they are found interchanged?
3. Which mantram is said to be cheif of all the Mantrams?
     Sri Gayathri Mantram
4. Sri Swamy Pushkarani is found in which Divyadesam?
     Tirumalai - Tirupathi
5. Which Deity is also called as "Alai Magal"?
     Sri Lakshmi
6. Name some of the precious things that came out of Paarkadal while crounching it?
     Karpaga Viruksham, Sri Lakshmi, Iyravadham, Amirtham, etc.
7. What are the 8 things found along with Sri Ashtabhujam Perumal?
     Chakram, Sword, Flower, Arrow, Sanghu, Bow, Kedayam and Gadhai
8. Vyasa Bharatham is translated by whom in Tamil?
     Sri Villiputhoorar
9. Thirumandangudi is the avathara sthalam of which Alwar?
     ThondaradipPodi Alwar
10. Name the Vimaanam of Srivilliputhoor Divyadesam?
     Samsana Vimaanam

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