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Divine Quiz Answers - October 17, 2010

1. Which Deity is also called as "Kalai Magal"?
     Goddess Saraswathi
2. Name the place where a separate temple for Sri Saraswathi is found?
     Koothanoor, Poonthottam
3. Name the Vaganam (vehicle) of Sri Saraswathi?
     Annam (Swan)
4. What is the instrument found on the hand of Sri Saraswathi?
5. On what flower does Sri Saraswathi is found? Name the colour of the flower too.
     White Lotus
6. Name some of the other thiruNaamams of Sri Saraswathi?
     Bharathi, Vani, Kalavaani, Naamagal
7. In Alahabad, along with the other 2 rivers, saraswathi river get mixed and its called as "Tirveni Sangamam". What are the other 2 rivers?
     Ganga and Yamuna
8. Ariyakkudi is the other name given to one among the 108 Divyadesams. What is the Divyadesam name?
     Then Tirupathi
9. Name the Tamil Month and the Star in which Nammalwar incarnated?
     Vaikasi - Visakam
10. Name some of the great utsavamts that are performed in Sri Vaishnavite Temples?
     Dola Utsavam, Pavithra Utsavam, Brahmotsavam, etc

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